25-34 16.1%
35-44 31.1%
45-54 21.1%
55-64 17.1%
65+ 15.1%
(68.3% are in peak earning years)

Owns his/her own home (s). 
(rental/vacation property included)

Owns two or more vehicles. (secondary auto, water/aircraft)

Own Stocks, bonds, mutual funds exceeding $150,000, or more.

78% Have investment portfolios

(25% value over $200,000)

72% Frequently use air travel

45% Travel Internationally

College Educated 90.7%
Graduated College 74.4%
Post Graduate Work 43.5%

Business, Industry, Investor 82.3%
Manufacturing 21.8%
Finance 22.6%

Business Influencers
Top Management 51.0%
Chairman, Director, President 21.7%
CEO/CFO/COO 22..9%
General Management 38.1%

Household Income
Over $100,000 55.8%
Net Worth Over $1 Million 38.1%
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